Richard Diener, owner of Soundex Musical Instruments, has been making harps and other instruments since 1975. For over 15 years Richard has been entertaining audiences at weddings, banquets, corporate and fundraising events and other occasions wanting a special touch. Richard has also been teaching harp for many years. Being both a performer and teacher has lent a musician's awareness to the harps produced by Soundex. Designed for comfort and ease of playing, the instruments are properly balanced with consistent string spacing and tension producing a brilliant tonal response that allows for a wide range of dynamics. This combined with an emphasis on durability ensures that a Soundex harp will give years and years of musical satisfaction.

Some features..

The size of a harp, the string length and soundboard width are the major factors determining the "voice" of an instrument. Increased size mainly affects the bass response producing more volume and harmonically richer notes, the treble tends to be a bit mellower on the larger harps. Increased size also allows for more strings and greater range.

Our soundboards are 1/4 sawn selected spruce with a thin 1/4 sawn Douglas Fir veneer applied to ensure soundboard stability and eliminate cracking in all climates.

Harp bodies are constructed with 5 staves from choice woods-maple, cherry, walnut, mahogany, 1/4 sawn Douglas fir (others available on request) or top quality Baltic birch laminate. Baltic birch models are also available with 3 staved bodies.

Soundex harps have laminated necks that are joined to the pillar using a combination overlap and mortise-tenon joint to ensure enduring stability.

Decorative hardwood purflings protect body and soundboard edges.

Available with detachable legs for ease of transport.